Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 2, 2004

So not good at waiting

So I said we’d meet everyone at the right side of the sound booth facing the stage at 8:45, cause you said you’d be out of there by 8 p.m., for sure. So I thought that would be reasonable. And I don’t want to push, cause I know you’re working so hard and behind the 8-ball with a deadline, but I can’t help but notice that it’s almost 8:30 and you’re not here yet.

And I love you to death, but waiting like this, when I know there’s a time commitment, makes me fucking loony. Loopy even!

But I know you’re trying so hard, so I won’t say anything. I’ll just say “okay” and bite my tounge, because really, you know that I’m annoyed and that’s why you’re trying so hard to get everything done and be here on time. So I don’t say anything. I just sit here and wait and try so hard not to be annoyed, thus continuing the great circle of trying so hard.

I’m just bad a waiting you see…

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Time is running out” by Muse




  1. Hey Chelsea? Why have we not seen a Royal Announcement about the opening of Sephora at the Eaton Centre? =)

  2. Work presently exsits in abundance. Fear not, the announcement will come.

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