Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 4, 2004

Chelsea’s Big Adventure

I’m going to be leaving my beloved home for 8 days. 8 whole days. The trouble with having a home that you love is leaving it really sucks. At least I’m leaving it for some pretty interesting things.

Tomorrow I’m off to Montreal and the 4th World Congress of Science Writers, where I will learn more about writing for science and pitch, pitch, pitch. When I’m not doing that I hope to be gutsy enough to see some of the city. I’ve packed several stylin’ outfits, so as not to be immediately pegged as a Torontoian. And I’m also looking forward to seeing how many times I break into Czech instead of French. I suppose the advantage there is that I’ll be confused tor a Czech tourist, rather than a lingiustically challenged Anglophone.

I should be okay, as I now have the number of a place that delivers poutine until 4 a.m. (just be sure to annunciate the “e”) and a box of nutrigrain bars if things get really desperate.

After 4 days of that I’ll be making my way home to Kingston for a little groomsmaid duty and a little Thanksgiving. Zeus and M will be joining me, which will make for a lovely weekend. Plus, wicked groomsmaid dress. See teaser below.

I’ll do my best to keep posting from the road. I’ll also do my best to stay sane.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Beyond the Fray” by Olive



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