Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 20, 2004

Twist on the landing

Tomorrow M and I are off to sunny Orangville for Mike & Dawn’s super-fantastic-wedding-extravaganza. Go wedding. Sadly I will have to hope that this new and exciting pain in my right ankle, that made it’s presence known as I was bounding down my stairs to meet fellow uber-bridesmaid Natasha this evening, will be well under control when it comes time for me to move with the Chelsea standard of grace.

Fortunately this twist of the ankle seems minor, add to that the reality that my expected bridal duties include sitting down, standing and holding up a canopy, not vaulting, sprinting or nailing my landing, so really, ankle not an issue. I predict a full recovery before the rehearsal tomorrow. (Translation: If Mike or Dawn reads this, fret not! Fret not!)

The issue, or more accurately event, will have nothing to do with any part of my anatonmy at all this weekend. In fact, the big deal is that one of my dearest friends is getting married. And married to someone pretty cool at that. And that’s a good thing. And I fully endorse good things.

Go wedding!




  1. Twisted/sprained ankles suck, and seem endemic of this upcoming wedding. I’ll be sure to dance the one-step hobble with you.

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