Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 26, 2004

I can see my old house from here

Last week, M, Mike, Chris and I rented The Bourne Identity. M and I hadn’t seen it yet and as the sequel was coming out this week and the movie is chalk full of Prague, it seemed like a good idea.

Now we’d known that some of this film had been shot on Senovazne namesti (aka the square we lived on for two of the three years in Prague), so chance of recognizing the scenery were pretty high. The film was stacked with shots of Nove Mesto, disguised to be Zurich and the Ministry of Trade had been miraculously transformed into the American Consulate. Imagine our surprise when Jason Bourne sneaks out of the “consulate” and finds himself here hanging precariously in front of our apartment building.:

I guess if we can’t be in the movies, at least our home can be.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Keep me hanging on” by Kim Wilde




  1. Wow, crazy coincidence!

    Jeff and I just watched the Bourne Identity on Friday night (so that we could see the sequel) and I was telling him that I was pretty sure it had been filmed in Prague. I was wondering if you had been there during that time!

    Do you mean Nove Mesto the village (I know someone from there) or as a part of Prague?

    Miss you!


  2. …that would be “chock full of Prague”,Chel… and i wondered, when I watched that movie, how so many other cities could look so much like Prague…duh.

  3. Thanks Mum!

  4. I would feel worse about not having immediately recognized the building if it weren’t for the fact that by the time I got there, a new parkette had popped up between them, and the “consulate” was coverered in scaffolding and was being turned into a hotel.

    Still … mega cool. Like how my Dad’s first apartment in NYC was used in Law & Order and “US Marshals”. Except, of course, Bourne Identity is a much cooler movie. 🙂

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