Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 14, 2004

Having a little too much fun

So last Thursday I was IMing with Kari and she revealed to me that she has a Webcam. Can I tell you how great these things are. I actually get to see people laughing at my jokes. It’s so much better than “lol.” So Friday I went out over my lunch break and picked up a run of the mill Webcam (facilitated by winning the office 50/50 draw and not hindered by my spree at The Gap and The Shoe Company – note, Laura and I should never shop together. We are far too skilled at rationalizing things. Occupational hazard). Since then, Kari and I have been enjoying not only communicating in real time, but seeing eachother while we’re at it.

Beyond making bi-coastal communications smoother, the Webcam is also a camera (though I imagine pics of me sitting in my chair will get pretty tired after awhile, however Kudos to me for putting in a shot sans make up!)

Friday an Saturday were also a great deal of fun, with a gathering with Mike, Dawn, Tyla, Mike, Madahava and some Bison burgers on Friday and then Blake and Kirsten’s wonderful engagement party which was a wonderful little Golden Words reunion.

All in all, a weekend full of fun with friends, good food and the new found ability to take photos of myself ad naseum. Woo!

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Photograph” by Def Leppard




  1. If you’d like, we can figure out how to set you up with a camportal – or something, which is updated every 30s with a shot from your webcam. Can even have it linked in to your blog. Ain’t technology grand?

    For me the webcam thing won’t be a success until they can embed the things into monitors (which they can do, actually, but don’t do, for some reason) so that eye contact can be maintained. Until then, it’s always creepy to me to see someone looking down (at the monitor) instead of straight at me.

    And I’m sad that I missed the gee-double-you reunion. Sounds like fun.

  2. Oooh a Cam portal. How totally self absorbed. I love it! As for Camera placement, Matej thinks I should put it lower, but I can’t do that as shooting from below generally makes you look fat.

    You were very much missed on Saturday. We shared in a great deal of evil. Oh how I’d missed it.

  3. Can it be mounted sideways, on the wall or side of the monitor?

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