Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 9, 2004

Something to whine about and something to Woo! about

I’m not going to pretend like this isn’t annoying. It is. But venting, I’m told, is the healthy way to deal with things that bother you. And I know that I vent about this every summer, but until I get my wish and the temperature never exceeds 25°C, I’m not gonna stop. Like a dog with a bone, I will fixate until someone distracts and/or feeds me.


I mean look at this… just look at this!!!!:

And it’s only June. Welcome to Toronto I guess. And thank goodness for the inventor of the air conditioner. You, along with the inventor of the snow plow, make life here possible.

I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die. I am going to melt and die.

In other, not whiney news, I have used my Web Fu to score front section tickets to the Curiosa tour coming to Toronto on August 9, where I will enjoy Interpol, Auf De Mar, Mogwai, The Cure and that band I’ve mentioned once or twice before, Muse. Oh Joy!

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Hot, Hot, Hot” by The Cure




  1. I bow to your mighty web fu! Wheeeeee!
    Our office isn’t air conditioned. Typing is making me break out in a sweat. Blah.


  2. I could live with the heat if the smog didn’t make me feel like I was breathing through a tailpipe all day. At least we’ve got a predicted thunderstorm tonight and cooler temperatures for the rest of the week to look forward to.


  3. i actually have a point of reference since my vancouver morning DJ (who sounds just like you — to me at least) reported that it was 27 today and that was hot, and I’m guessing it’s about the same here. However, what made me go wow was that you posted a picture and drew a little red circle on it. You are so web designery.

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