Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 16, 2004

Roll on, roll on

I was going to wait for M to post it, but he’s been a busy guy. As many of you out in blog world know by now we have sold the Acura to a nice man from outside of the city.

The sale went down on Saturday night in an IKEA parking lot. Really, it wasn’t as shady as it sounds. While M and I were total newbies at this game, I think we made a good choice and are sending the car that has been across the ocean with us to a good home, where it will be loved and turbo charged. We hand over the car and keys on Friday night and in the interim have ordered the Mazda 3 Sport GT… in Black. YAY! I won.

So hopefully in less than a week we’ll be enjoying that new car smell and I’ll be hoping that M is the first one to scratch it, as I am in no way prepared to deal with that kind of wrath.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Drive my car” by The Beatles.



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