Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 6, 2004

The Place Where You Live

I’m lazy, and instead of uploading photots to my webspace for hosting, photos that aren’t going to generally go on my blog, but add colour to posts I make on the two message boards I call home, I just use the blogger upload function and save the post as a draft. Maybe I’m doing it the wrong way, but it works. This is generally how I make my way through unknown computing functions. If it works, good. And I’m not gonna question why.

Now the other day, a fellow message board nerd like myself created a thread about things that are good about the place where you live. I’m into visual aids so I supplied photographic evidence of how keen my 3 hometowns have been. So after a little bit of looking I found some great images of Kingston, Prague and Toronto. And rather than have them just sit on the server, or be a lonely rejected draft post I decided to put them to better use:


Queen’s University (in Kingston)



Today’s sing-a-long song: “The Place Where You Live” by Crowded House



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