Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 28, 2004

Men in Kilts

I meant to post about this last week. Better late than never I guess. Last Saturday my darling M took a step into my culture. I suppose it’s only fair since I spent 3 years immersed in his. We went to The Scottish Company to rent his kilt for Mike and Dawn’s pending nuptuals. I’ve been on M’s case to get a kilt ever since we were asked to be invovled in the wedding. True, he’s Czech, and kilts aren’t so much a Czech thing. But after pointing out that most of my family has got the Scottish/Canadian thing going on and guys look really hot in klits, I almost had him. Ultimately it proved that purchasing one would be prohibatively expensive and we really couldn’t think of a lot of occaisions where he’d wear it. So he opted to rent and he chose the ancient Grampion, which is a regional kilt, for the southeast (my family is from the southwest) but looks enough like the ancient Campbell of Argyll to fool relatives in photos.

Ancient Campbell of Argyll
Ancient Grampian

Me, I’ve always been a fan of the Modern Campbell of Argyll. And while it’s a controversial tartan, because the white line was added by the 6th duke of Argyll to distinguish himself from the rest of the clan, and word has it that the present day chief isn’t so keen on it’s widespread popularity. Meh, I’m a new worlder from the cultural void of North America, so I can get away with such indisrections. Also I commend the 6th duke on his break with tradition for the sake of individuality (thought I’m sure there’s more politics involved than I’m aware of).

Anyway, August will be klit tastic and I can say from the fitting last weekend that while my man may be from the continent, when dressed in full Scottish garb, and his chin-strap beard, he looked like a highland man to me. A very, very hot man indeed.

And even Zeus is getting in on the klit action… and he’s french!



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