Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 16, 2003

O Canada, my home and native land…

After a day of travelling and a whole lot of sleep and food I can safely say that I am back in the motherland. (“Yo Kish you went to Africa?” “Naw Japan…” – Kudos to whoever gets that lyric). The weather here is pleasant. Not as oppresively warm as Prague (I think being by the water is a big help and not having quite so many people around) and my body is readujsting to the humidity here. My feet fell less dry already.

Arriving was actually pretty great. Everyone at Canada Customs and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at Person airport was amazing and friendly. I’ve never encountered such fantastic government serivce, and I’ve never really had a problem dealing with the Canadian Government. You know that you’re customs inspection (I had to declare the cat and everything else being shipped) is going to go well when the Customs Inspector stops mid-sentence to compliment you on your shoes. Not to mention the fact that I was served by 4 Inspectors at once. Incredible. A big Boo ya to all of them.

The greatness continued when my father placed a mobile phone in my hand once we were in the car and said “Use it as long as you need to.” Boo ya ya.

Zeus is slowly adjusting to sharing space with to enormous Norwegian Forest Cats. They’re called cats, but they’re much much bigger than any cat you’ve ever imagined. The boy, Aristotle, weighs 16 pounds and is still growing. It’s totally out of hand.

I’ve also spent the morning assimilating myself to North American culture. Which means I’ve been eating like a pig, sitting on my ass watching movies and MTV. Classic! I’ve already watched Maid in Manhattan (Gah) and 8 Mile (God Eminem reminds me of an exboyfriend in that flim – except for the part when he stops being the loser). On the table for later is a daytime viewing of The Ring and The Anamatrix. I just love satellite television.

I’m missing Prague pretty badly and panicing about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. I don’t think it’s going to sink in that I don’t live there anymore for quite some time. I am happy to be home, don’t get me wrong. I’m just trying to sort out exactly where that is. I cried twice on the filght back. Once because I was watching this Czech movie Rebelove (Rebels) and I always cry in Czech movies when the armys of the Warsaw pact invade. It’s a thing that I do. Luckily Rebelove also has lots of singing and dancing. I wanted to cry when the 73 year old man sitting next to me wouldn’t stop hitting on me (I’m mean really!). I think one of the best lines he gave me was “I wouldn’t marry you. You’re too smart.” Damn, another great opportunity lost.

So yeah… I’m home. And I don’t seem to have much to do. So expect some very crazy ranting in the weeks to come before Matej arrives in Toronto.



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