Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 9, 2003

Burnt out and sunburned

I’m now unemployed. It’s taking a bit of getting used to. I work up this morning and my head just started planning what needed to be done at the office. I started worrying about the clean up at the softball fields a good 2 hours before anyone would be there to start working. I thought of something that could be potentially disastrous and sent the new me an sms about it. The reply I got was “Quit worrying.”

So I’m putting my energies towards other things. It’s hard, but it need to be done. I’m currently trying to recover from the sunburn I got this weekend. I loathe tan lines so I’m pretty grumpy about it. M thinks tan lines are sexy, so at least one of us is happy.

I’m also investigating mobile providers in Canada and I can’t say that I’ve seen anything that’s going to please me. All I want is a GSM network that extends all the way to Kingston. It’s in between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa which would make you think that someone would have put a GSM node there by now. But so far, no. Like I was told by a very nice RCMP officer this weekend who came to the softball tournament the sun really does rise in Scarborough and set in Milton.

I just can’t bear the idea of not using GSM and going back to the dark ages of contracts. However it seems that I’m saved my Rogers AT&T who have a lovely GSM network that covers Kingston, Toronto and all other kinds of exciting places. Of course I also have to find out what providers my friends are on so I can send them text messages… sigh. It’s all so complicated. Maybe I should just by a really nice pair of sunglasses instead of a tri-band phone.



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