Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 25, 2003


After a second and sober viewing of Reloaded I can confidently say that I dug it. Sobriety really is the key, and doing a little bit of homework before class didn’t hurt one bit either. What I like about the Matrix movies is that they satisfy my ass-kicking-action loving side and my “fascinated with iconography and semiotics” side. Yeah I have one of those sides, I just try and keep it a secret as it would do some serious damage to my reputation as an airhead. If I had been able to take my self seriously as an academic I think I really would have enjoyed semiotics.

While a lot of people didn’t like the talky parts in the movie, I found them downright fascinating this time. All the talk about causality, choice, purpose and the ever important “why are we here” had me thinking and entertained. Heck even the names of the characters are worth a look at Who’s who in the Ancient World or this interesting essay about the Merovingian Mythos (I’m not sure if I buy (or understand) all of it, but certain bits are interesting). There are so many different philosophies mixed into this movie. From Christian to Greek (and who knows how many others), mixing angels, daemons, gods and the beings that they all seem to revolve around, humans. The machines seem to do that too, no? I really wish I understood the nature of computer systems better, as I’m pretty sure it would add another layer for me. I’ve been reading a lot about it, but I simply do not understand how it all works.

I also liked the heartbreaking moment where the king of dreams sees his own shattered. It was also nice to see the numbers “101” come up again. Okay, I promise I’ll go back to talking about lipstick soon. I’m sure all this “thinking” has all of us equally freaked out.

The night was also made super-special because before Reloaded I got to see the trailer for the movie #3 movie on my list of movies to be a total freak about this year. This is the new Yimou Zhang film, Hero (Ying xiong). He directed one of my favourite films, Raise The Red Lantern (Da hong deng long gao gao gua) and now he’s having a go at wire-fu. And from what I saw, it’s going to be gorgeous.

Hero, Revolutions…really November can’t come fast enough for me now.



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