Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 19, 2003

A new era of revenge

Wherein people get back at those who’ve mocked them by getting scads of cash. I’m talking about “The Star Wars Kid.” I’m nore sure if you’ve seen it, but it’s basically a 2 minute video of a chubby teen with a broomsitck pretending he’s a jedi… sound effects and all. The poor kid made a tape of himself in his school’s AV room, hence the unabashed nature of his performance, but somehow some other kids of a hold of it and put it up on KazZa. And now lightsaber boy is famous. And I imagine feeling rather low in the self-confidence department as people all over the world are laughing themselves silly watching his performance. Someone even edited the video adding lighsaber effects, music and sound (not covering the boy’s own wonderful effects of course).

According to and article from Wired there’s now a fund for the kid where people can either pay symphathy money or simply pay him for all the laughs they’ve had on him. Last week they’d raised almost $1,000.00. Mental. It’s nice to know that we’ve finally found a way to get over the guilt that comes from laughing at others… buying our way out of it.



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