Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 18, 2003

A very merry Faux birthday to you…

A couple of weeks ago Tania and Klara asked me if I was free on the evening of May 17th. I asked for what and they both smiled at me and said “It’s a surprise.” I asked them for more information but they were adamant about not telling me what they were going to do with me. I was going to be taken out, I would have no part in the planning and no control over the situation. “Strange… but interesting.” I thought and decided to go for it and agree to head out with them on their mystery adventure. I’m a control freak and pretty picky, everyone knows this. So when two friends decide to plan something for me and have the courage to control it, I have to stand back and take notice.

It turns out that May 17th is my faux birthday. I was able to be with Tania and Klara for their birthdays in February, and it seems that they felt badly that we wouldn’t be able to get together for my birthday in September as Tania and I are headed back to opposite ends of Canadaland and Klara will be making Prague home for quite some time. It’s a really sweet idea and I was totally pleased. I even got a present – one of the first Sephora gift certificates issued in the Czech Republic according to the drama that surrounded purchasing it. I guess I can expect a bit of an adventure when I cash it in.

The girls took me out for a yummy dinner a Universal, where I even got to have chocolate cake (No Barneys in sight mind you Mike – “cccaaaake”). And then led me through old town to Alcohol Bar where I promptly ordered a Don Pedro or 3. At this point I’d thought it had been a pretty sweet night. Two of my closest girl friends taking me out and spoiling me more than I think I deserved, but I’ll take it! Then I noticed something interesting. Tania was sending an awful lot of text messages. When I asked her what was up she informed me that there were more people coming to celebrate my faux birthday. Talk about a surprise party. All these other people knew it was my birthday and I didn’t. Within half an hour M arrived with Taina’s boyfriend Adam, and two of my favourite people in Prague who I never see enough, Marie and David, showed up as well. A bit later on Klara’s man Wil came along and the crowd was complete.It was seriously cool and I was really touched by what Klara and Tania had organized. Through my rather mild hangover this morning I still can’t stop smiling. I really can’t thank them enough. It was just a wonderful night.

I don’t know what I did in my past life to earn such sweet and thoughtful friends. But I’ve got them all over the world. I’m so totally lucky.



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