Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 14, 2003

Feel the love

I love how well my loved ones know me. In my inbox today I had emails from Mel and from my Mum. From Mel and I learned that there are more Canadians that claim to follow the Jedi faith than there are Satanists. And my sweet mother sent me a story from The Globe and Mail all about the upcoming Matrix release, letting me know that if it didn’t come out in Prague before I left that she had some movie passes set aside for me upon my arrival in Kingston. Moms simply rock.

In other news, I may have broken my recent addicition of Tortilla chips. After having a decent French dinner with M and E last night I decided to have some chips and dip while M and I watched some of the TV graciously sent to us by Mike. I don’t find french food filling. Sometimes when I have a poulet frites at Chez Marcel I find my appitite satiated, but usual French cusine leaves me wanting more. So the Torilla chips seemed to be the solution to my rumbling belly. About half way through the bag and the dip things went wrong and while we watched a great ep of Angel I spent most of the time in bed sighing and saying “Tortilla…” M laughing at me all the while. For a little while I was sure I was going to wake up as a giant Tortilla Chip. Happily this morning I did not wake up crispy, baked, made of cornflour and covered with cool ranch flavouring.



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