Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 12, 2003

Will you be playing hookey next week?

Because the movie gods do not like the Czech Republic and because we got Episode II and X2 the same day as the rest of the Western World, The Matrix:Reloaded will be opening in Prague on May 22nd. I’m really okay with this. Really. The first Matrix was HUGE in the Czech Republic. Considering the country has a population of a mere 10 million people, and the fact that Reloaded will be subtitiled you can take the following information as a reflection of how popular this film franchise is. Next Wednesday Village Cinemas: Andel will be showing Reloaded staring at 12:00 a.m. and running the entire day, in all 12 of it’s cinemas. Now it’s a great deal for them. They’ll be showing the movie a day before it’s opened, in all of it’s theatres, thus getting a huge jump on all the other multiplexes. How did they get this deal? Village Cinemas is also owned by the same company that owns Village Roadshow Pictures – the production company that made The Matrix. And they said there was nothing good coming out of globalization…



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