Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 28, 2003

When friends look alike

I was taking photos of myself to send to friends and family far away when something occured to me. I went over to my computer and called up the photo that Kari sent me of her present hair style. This is what we do. We send eachother pics of our hair cuts and she more than graciously sends me sections of North American magazines I can’t get my hands on. It’s so wonderful when people get you.

Anyway, I looked at the photo of Kari and I looked at the photo of me that I so cleverly took of myself using my bathroom mirror and something my mother once said to me popped into my mind. “Kari looks more like your sister than Susan (my sister) does. You both talk and move the same way too.” To be fair to my sister, you couldn’t have two siblings that looked more unrelated. I’m tall and dark haired, while she’s short and blond. So below you will see links to photos of Kari and I showing off our current hair styles. What do you think? Separated at birth, though born a year apart?





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