Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 28, 2003

My hair is going to be on TV

It was a quiet day at the salon. Kuba was doing a fantastic job giving me my semi-annual or bi-annual hair cut (I can never figure out which one means twice a year – I think it’s semi). The man spent almost an hour and fifteen minutes just blowing out and styling my hair after spending forty-five perfecting my layered look all the while discussing the merits of hockey, table tennis and Steve Vai. And I look good. Really good. Chic, groomed and just a dash of cute. Which is good because during the final portion of my styling was caught on video. Indeed as my freshly snipped locks were being dryed, Czech pop-star Petr Muk came in, camera crew from Nova in tow, to have an interview while he had his hair cut. So I’m going to be on Nova, assuming they don’t edit me out. Part of me hopes they just catch me in the establishing shot, but I think they’re going to use me for some cut-aways. At least I was appropriately coiffed for the event. I think I should have been wearing more blush mind you…



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