Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 28, 2003

We’ve got beat, we’ve got the beat, we’ve got the beat… Yeah!

I got to play drums yesterday! I got to make all kinds of exciting sounds learning Arabic/Persian/Middle Eastern drumming. It was my first class and it was so fun. I really miss music. Drumming yesterday has made me even more keen to get home to my double bass and piano. It’s just been far too long without them.

The only other events of note this past weekend were a wonderful afternoon-long bike ride through Letna and drinking with Tania and Klara that resulted in me reviving my infamous Sir-Mix-A-Lot performance and shamelessly singing along to Take That.

I also put in my vote for the MTV movie awards today giving heavy preference to LOTR and Chicago. I’m wondering if I can somehow find a way to suck out votes for Jackass and XXX. The fact that those movies were even made gives me the chills. The hardest choice was “Best Villian”. Wilhelm Defoe was great in Spiderman, but that creepy ass girl from the ring was the one who actually scared the hell out of me (or was it just the effects?). In the end I had to vote for Colin Farrel. If I’m going to be spending my time voting in the MTV medium, then I might as well be as shallow as possible with my choices.

The next challenge of choices was “Best Virtual Performance”: Yoda or Gollum. It’s like a divided loyalties nightmare. My solution is that I’m going to vote from work and from home (different IPs) thus giving each of them a chance. Brilliant!



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