Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 25, 2003


This week’s topic of facination is Premiership football. I haven’t watched a match in months and I couldn’t actually tell you the names of all the positions on the field, but this week I can’t stop reading about football. I’m not British, I’ve never even played the sport. Yet it’s presently all the rage for me. And I really couldn’t tell you why.

I had some schooling in it when I worked at the pub. Matches would be on most nighs and I learned about point spreads and the good teams from the bookie that used to come to our pub. What a way to get an education. Despite the bookie’s teachings I still stuck to my tried and true formula of cheering for the team that wears blue and in the case of the Premiership, has the least ridiculous name. I’m not sure if they’re uniforms are blue, but you’ll never catch me supporting Chesterfield. I would just feel like a total fool cheering for a couch.

So using my formula, it’s pretty clear that I’m meant to be Chelsea fan. After all they have the most beautiful name in all of football, and they wear blue. Destiny! It did get a little irritating when I was waitressing during Chelsea matches… “What!?”… but such are the cards we’re dealt when you’re named after a geographic location. In fact I’ve had a pretty good laugh at the whole thing. The inevitable jokes (“Hey I hear you’re playing Fullham tomorrow”), and the conufsion (“Oh you’re not talking about me.”). What gives me the most joy are the football headlines from the BBC about the club. “Chelsea pair not for sale” made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, the team is in 3rd (I don’t think they can win the Premiership, but they should get into the Champions League) and since my other blue sporting team (The Leafs) aren’t doing much anymore, I might as well get excited about football.

Next week’s facination? Polo.



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