Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 21, 2003


When most people are given a long weekend with wonderful start of spring weather they usually capitalize on it and spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Me? I spend almost 3 full days playing Final Fantasy VII on my playstation, eating tortilla chips and salsa, drinking copious amounts of peach flavoured mineral water. Pretty disgusting, no? I took a couple of breaks to sleep, head to the mall (he he) to watch Daredevil (meh, but there was Colin Farrel-y goodness), have a couple of people over to be indoctrinated into the growing cult of Clone High and one really, really long walk that I just got back from.

Even sadder than the fact that I’ve owned Final Fantasy VII for almost 6 years and NEVER finished it, is the fact that I really enjoyed my weekend. It was lazy and reclusive and I didn’t feel bad about it for one second. It didn’t clean like a freak in fact I just did the bare essentials. Yeah I was lazy, but it was healthy. Sometimes you just have stay in bed for an extra hour, not because you’re still tired, but because your bed is soft and your cat is being cuddly.



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