Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 15, 2003

Your task is to be better than me

It’s kind of odd interviewing your replacement or in my case, the last of 4 replacements. It’s good in that you know excatly what is needed to fill your position, but disappointing in that no one seems to have that spark. I have 4 days of interviews ahead of me and I’m just dreading it. I’ve already had 2, and I’m not going to comment on them as the whole process hasn’t finished and frankly it’s just not information you all need to know. I know, I just know, that as soon as I’ve given the postition to someone that is “pretty good” the most perfect person ever will call to see if we’re still hiring. It always happens that way.

Having to interview people requires that you have a modicum of professionalism, which I have in scads, but I’ve been feeling kind of devlish these days. Maybe it’s because the job is coming to an end and I’ve already got my references or it’s spring and the nice weather has me fixin’ for trouble. Either way I find I have to restrain myself from doing unreasonably cruel things to these candidates (I guess there’s never anything that’s reasonably cruel is there…). I want to ask questions like “If you were an animal, what kind of car do you think would run you over?” or respond to everything they say with a quack. I friend of mine did a comedy sketch about being interviewed by a totally crazy person and moments from it keep popping into my head.

Of course I won’t be awful to any of these people. I’ll just be my charming and likeable self and have a good chat with them. I know how awful it is to be on the other side of the interview and I feel kind of bad for even entertaining such cruel thoughts. Kind of bad… not totally bad. The point is that I want to find someone who’s confident and competent. I want to be able to see the desire to do something well in their eyes. I want to be able to say to someone “I need someone who can do this job as well as I did” then I want this person to reply “I will do it better than you did.” Wish me luck on my search.



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