Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 13, 2003

Return of the Matt

Holy hoppin’ grasshoppers! M has blogged again! So go look at it.

Speaking of my wonderful man, I feel compelled to tell the readership of this blog about a recent “habit” of his. While we are a perfect match in many ways, sadly we do not concur on the merits of Episode II. Namely we disagree rather passionately about the acting skills of one Hayden Christensen. Of course a little passion is good for every relationship.

Recently this debate has degraded into mockery. M says that HC’s dialogue sounds as though it’s been spliced together by an editing machine. Knowing GL’s penchant for reworking actors’ performances after the fact with all of his ditigal toys, I don’t imagine this is too far from the truth. Still not HC’s fault. Anyway, in light of this “revelation” on M’s part he’s taken to quoting HC’s lines from AOTC (Episode II for those of you who don’t speak geek) using the style of The Movie Phone Guy. I have to laugh at it… like really hard… in spite of myself.

M assures me that The Movie Phone Guy is a North America-wide phenomenon. Sadly I haven’t sorted out audio blogger otherwise I’d make him recite a couple of lines for everyone’s “benefit.” I guess you’ll all just have to make him do it in person when he comes home in July.



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