Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 10, 2003

Mental Dental

Damn my cat has clean teeth.

The cleaning went really well and the vet was so nice. Sadly Zeus is going to have to have his two big fangs pulled in the next few years as they’re getting a little loose.

I think the strangest part was when we were holding Zeus while the vet was injecting the sedative. It went into action pretty quickly. One moment Zeus was really tense and I had to work to restrain him (While he only weighs about 5 and a half kilos, he’s a strong little thing) and the next he was limp. Totally limp. Like a rag doll. Eyes open, fighting the sedative, but he was like a doll. Mental.

The cleaning took less than a hour. While Zeus has his dental visit, M and I grabbed some dinner. When we returned to the vet, there was a farily awake and grumpy kitty waiting for us. We took him home and kept an eye on him as he just kind of sat there and tried to fathom just what the heck had just happend, and why were his teeth so tender. I was allowed to give him water last night, but no food until this morning. While I don’t think he’ll be jonesing to have it done again, I do think he’s forgiven me, as he spent a good part of last night curled up with me in bed.

I still feel like a horrible kitty mother, and M still thinks I’m completely paranoid and insane when it comes to our cat, but we all seem to have survived the cleaning without any trauma. Next adventure: getting him to take his antibiotics. Spit-up-tastic.


Note:It turns out it takes two grown adults to get a cat to take his medicine.


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