Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 9, 2003

I am a horrible mother

I feel awful. Tonight I have to take my sweet grey kitty Zeus into the vet to have his fang-like teeth cleaned. The little greek god has a genetic pre-disposition to gum infections. Usually cats get gum infections because they’re eating too much soft food and not eating of the crunchy stuff. This can’t be said for Zeus. We won’t even eat soft food. He’ll lick it, but that’s about it. In the 5 years I’d had him, I’ve never known him to eat soft food. For him it has to be crunchy. The crunchier the better. You can hear him crunching away with glee in the middle of the night as you’re trying to sleep. Even his treats are crunchy and made for dental care. So I can safely say that his gum infections are not a result of diet or parental negligence.

Zeus is going to be knocked out for his teeth cleaning. Mostly for his comfort and for the comfort of the vet. My cat is a totally sweetie, but he’ll fuck you up if you relaly piss him off. I have a hunch that having his teeth cleaned will really piss him off. Like humans, cats have to fast before they’re put under, which means Mr. Crunch-pants hasn’t had a thing to eat since 7 p.m. last night. In about half an hour I have to go home and take his water away, as he can’t have water for 4 hours before he goes under.

I know that not feeding him is for his safety, but I feel so horrible for doing it. I’m sure it’s all totally anthropomorphicizing, but I can feel him looking at us, wondering why he’s being punished like this. Even M is feeling I. I heard him say “Don’t look at me like that.” to him this morning. And of course, he’s being a total angel throughout all of it. I can never be a parent.



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