Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 3, 2003


This is the Czech word for cigar. This, I suspect, is the reason why I’m been wanting to puke all day. It’s not like a was smoking one or anything like that. I was just in the vacinity of two people smoking some pretty heafty ones. I’m not going to go on my cigars are evil rant, as these smoking folk were celebrating the fruits of a years worth of work. The culmination of which was the opening of a musical. A very funny and well presented musical, so they deserved to smoke their cigars and enjoy themselves. But today I must lament the sick feeling in my stomach and the light headedness I’ve got going on.


Thank you.




  1. How strange, I came across this page working on a linguistics paper and searching for Headedness in Czech (the Generative Grammar kind, not the light kind that cigars give you), and found myself wondering how’s this lady now the Czech word for cigar and what’s that got to do with anything? I’m also from Kingston and probably read some of your Golden Words work back in the days when I went to KC and would pick it up at the JDUC. Strange. ALso this comment function seems to already know my name, which since I’m on a public computer and don’t think I’ve ever commented on any blogs before is rather odd.

  2. Odds are Mike that you were signed into gmail or something with your google account in another window.

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