Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 27, 2003

To debt or not to debt? That is the question.

As the date of my return to Canada draws ever nearer, I’ve been doing some homework planning the next phase of my life. Which means I’ve been doing a lot of research concerning the merits of make-up school. My options seem to be in Toronto and Vancouver. Both lovely places to further your education. While there are a plethora of places I could go in the US, the finance issues are simply too overwhelming. That is unless some anonymous benefactor wants to give me $50,000 USD to study at Empire. I would be totally okay with that.

Donors aside, make-up school is going to cost a chunk of dough. Toronto is the most expensive Canadian option I’ve found thus far. Somehow 6 months of training is going to cost me more than half of what my undergrad degree (living expenses included) cost. It’s just a little insane and I was lucky enough to be debt free after my undergrad. But it seems to be what the next step is. Either that or find someone to apprentice with. The bottom is that it’s going to put me out about $30,000 for six months. That includes tuition, my kit (I get a little dizzy with excitement when I imagine what would be in a kit worth over $2,500 of products and tools) and what I’ve generously calculated to be my living expenses in Vancouver or Toronto. Is this dream worth putting myself in that much debt?

Sure if you’re really good at it and you’re established you can pull down as much as $1000 CAD a day on a film set, but it takes years to get to that point and you’re not always on a film set. I would be looking at several years of poor, making my name on indie and student films, working for a cosmetics company (which wouldn’t be all bad), while many of my peers would be doing that house-buying, baby-making, RRSP-investing adult thing.

Ohhh debt is scary. But it’s going to have to be that way I guess. I’m going to be good at this. I just have to accept that I won’t be debt free again until I’m 31, or older. God imagine if I wanted to get a house? Is it normal to have a tight chest and feel light headed when you’re thinking about debt?



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