Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 26, 2003

The results are in

One of the things M brought back for me from NYC was the much raved about Revlon Lash Tint. The deal with this new product is that it is supposed to keep your eyelashes darkened for 3 days straight. Lazy girls all over the world can rejoice. So Monday morning I put some on, following the instructions diligently, cause I’m like that. It kind-of darkened my lashes. When you already have dark brown eyelashes there’s only so much a tint can do. However, I can imagine for those with light lashes or even *gasp* blond lashes, this product is a miracle in a tube. Also to be fair to the tint, I’ve been wearing Flextencils for 5 or 6 months now (maybe more) so I’ve been spoiled by super-long, curly lashes every day.

Lash tint doesn’t lengthen, but it also doesn’t budge. In 3 days, I’ve only seen the smallest flake or two appear on my eye make-up removing pad each evening. Of course, I’m slightly apprehensive about removing it tonight as it calls for an oil-based make-up remover. I may have made things worse by caving in today and putting Flextencils over it this morning. Things may get ugly tonight.

Anyway, my verdict. A brilliant idea for when you have to go camping or something outdoors-y and want to look cute, but don’t want to look shallow and be ridiculed for bringing make-up when you’re camping. Now you can look cute and “claim” it’s all “natural.” Mwa ha ha ha.



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