Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 20, 2003

Bombs over Baghdad

I actually tried to get those three words in that order into an article I wrote about 3 weeks ago. It was actually relevant, but my editor changed the wording, so I was denied a chance to have the title of an Outkast song in print. Great song too.

It’s interesting. I’m geographically closer to the war in Iraq, yet I don’t feel as connected to it as people in North America are. We’ve known this was coming for months and months. We’ve known that it will mean deaths on both sides and we’ve hoped that it will come to a quick and positive close with the end of Hussein’s dictatorship, stabilzation of the region and the beginnings of democracy. I’m with Wendy, I can’t wait to see the rebuilding and the creation of a new state. However, I am also interested in how the Allies will get to this point. I was 13 during the first gulf war and I can’t really say that I grasped how it all happened.

I spent 90 mintues yesterday giving a lecture on Canada and what a gosh darn wonderful place it is. I was full of pride and really missing home. Then as I spoke with a Canadian on the phone last night about Canada’ s position and she said very casually in reference to the US “We think they’re all cowboys” I felt my heart sink a little. Do Canadians really think that?

JC has said all along that Canada would support the Allies if the UN approved it. Meaning that, at least in some way, the government thought there was reason enough to go to war. Otherwise they would have said from the get go “We think this is wrong… we will have no part of it.” But they didn’t say that. They said they’d support if the UN (an organization I have little love for, great for gathering stats mind you) sanctioned it. So we change what we believe to be right and wrong because the UN can’t be effective? It doesn’t seem right to me.



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