Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 18, 2003

Seven Days

Is there a reason why I do this to myself. Everytime I’m separated from M for more than a day or so I do it. I go and see a movie that scares the ever living crap out of me. And I did I again, just hours ago. The culprit this time was The Ring, which has jsut recently made it’s way to Prague. I think I can actualy say that I saw most of the movie, though I did spend at least a third of it hiding under my coat. I only screamed out loud once. I think I’m getting better.

In an effort to hopefully get to sleep tonight, I spent the last hour or so dancing around the apartment listening to a variety of hip-hop CDs. It seems to have worked for the time being, though I may have to turn the TV away from me while I sleep tonight. Good God!

I came to a realization about scary movies tonight. One of my movie companions made commented that he wasn’t really scared by the movie because it couldn’t possibly be real. Movies with axe-murderers and things like The Blair Witch Project scared him a great deal, but The Ring didn’t really bother him. And it occured to me that while I don’t really love slasher flicks they don’t really scare me that much. If it’s something being caused by a person then it doesn’t scare me. I guess in my head I know that if I was faced with an axe murderer, I might have a chance as I know that he/she is also human and is subject to the same laws of physics. It’s like I can understand my enemy better, and thus have a better chance of surviving. When I see a movie where the scary thing is supernatural, then I’m fecking scared. These things don’t adhere to anything I’m familiar with, so should it come down to a battle between us, I’m screwed. I wonder if other people size up the bad guy while they’re watching movies?

There’s also the theory that why would reality scare me when I clearly have NO idea what that is?



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