Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 17, 2003

How I’m spending my time

-Fighting the urge to crash with as much natural sugar as I can get my not really cute or little hands on.

-Filling in the Svatky dates for my friends and family in my Clie. Svatky are Czech name days. On your name day you usually get a small present. So you’re all getting presents this year. The only ones who miss out on svatek action seem to be me, my father, Dawn and Carly. Dawn and my Dad are totally without a chance as they can’t even use middle names to get a name day. I have assumed the name day of Anna for mine.

-Lunching with Klara.

-Trying to find out what the Czech translation of the name James is. (Presently all the Czech’s I’ve asked believe it to be Jakub, which makes me wonder what the translation of Jacob is…). Why? Just becasue I care.

-Listening to a lot of Incubus.

-Giggling that the fact that there’s actually a Czech name “Blahoslav.” I’m sorry to be disrespectful, but that’s just funny.

-Marvelling at how totally uninspiring the trailers I saw before last night’s movie were. While I’ve heard many good things about Punch Drunk Love and I would like to see if Adam Sandler can pull off a more serious role, I don’t think I will see it as I appear to be developing an allergy to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Esp. when he’s yelling.

-Eating a great many grapes. Am afraid I may start sweating Welch’s.

-Wondering why Jay seems to be doing a year in review in March. Totally interesting stuff and I’m always interested in what my friends are into, but it just struck me as a little tardy. However, I think I see why he’s waited so long. With time comes perspective and you’re freed from the danger evaluating things too close to the source.

-Hoping that I’ll be able to get through the 4 hours of teaching I have tonight on the 3 hours of sleep I got last night.



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