Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 16, 2003

Headspace…alive and painless

Wightless and almost sane
I close my eyes. I become the sky
Headspace… alone and shameless
Can’t wait to find the faces
I left behind in a troubled time
Back home.

I bet one spinach salad with duck that Tash is the first one to identify where that title comes from. (That is, unless M reads this post first).

In M’s absence I’ve been listening to a lot of music I don’t normally touch. The above lyric is from a band enjoyed by both of us (even though I was knocked unconcious while hearing it live for the first time — mosh pits = never a good idea), so it doesn’t really count. I just wanted to include it in this post because it makes me think of home and heck, it’s a damn good song. Also it seemed kind of relvant with the whole “troubled time” line, what with a potential war being declared tomorrow and a deadly flu virus hitting Canada and Asia. Anyway, back to the music.

M and I are usually on the same page or at least in the same chapter when it comes to music we like. I will NEVER get the whole Lo-Fi thing, just like he’ll always be a little bit troubled by my affection of Southern Fried Rock (that’s a genre, not a band) and Hall & Oates (that’s a band, not a genre), but music is part of what brought us together and it’s a shared passion.

So while he’s gone I can indulge in some musical sins. Today I listened to a whole lot of Fleetwood Mac today without ridicule. Which was nice. Then I made my way through some Wham! and some Billy Joel. I plan on putting on some of The Band and maybe some Doobie Brothers a little later. There can be upsides to being alone for a little while. Not many, but there are a couple. I’d still rather be listening to Trent, Tori or Barry with my man.



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