Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 16, 2003

Surreal things to listen to while you’re grocery shopping

This afternoon I decided to kill some time, while doing something I needed to do anyway. I was a lovely day, so I walked to Tesco and did some pick up shopping. It’s very rare that I’m outside walking and I’m not listening to my Mini Disc player. Somehow, the crowds and the ovewhleming aspects of the city are easier to phase out when you’re listening to music. Also, it passes the journey in a fairly pleasant fashion.

I was listening to what I have named my “Winter Mix”, which has everything from excerpts from the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack and Once More With Feeling to The Prodigy and early Madonna. I’m an eclectic kind of music fan. Normally, I don’t really make a connection between what I’m listening to and where I am, but today I just couldn’t help noticing that the combination of what I heard and where I was was just a little surreal.

As I was standing in line for cheese at the aptly named cheese counter, I realized that it was a little strange to be looking at all the Ediam and Gouda cheese to the angsty sounds of Nine Inch Nails. In fact, it was downright weird. Not so weird that I skipped the song of course. The next feeling of “I bet the composer did not intend this song to be heard in this venue” happened in the fruit section and on my way towards the jams. I love soundtracks, and usually the feature heavily on my mixes. After Nine Inch Nails, I was listening to some Angleo Badlamenti (I can never spell that man’s name), namely “Audrey’s Dance” form the Twin Peaks soundtrack. I’m certain it was not meant for supermarket consumption, but none the less it made the shopping experience a little more entertaining. I started to imagine what little things would have to change to make my journey though the bowels of Tesco odd in that Lynchian way. Visualizing the stock boys dancing like the little dream man, a giant Llama around the next corner , all the patrons wearing just a touch more plaid or the store being filled with G-men, it made shopping really fun and for the first time that I can remember I connected my actual surroundings with my music.

I think next time I will bring the theme to The Muppet Show and see what that produces.



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