Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 13, 2003

Wisdom and questions that cross my mind from time to time

-In the Star Wars saga, how it is possible that Anakin has no knoweldge of Leia? The guy could sense a bunch of assassin worms in the next room, wouldn’t he also be aware of his wife (someone I imagine he’s pretty in tune to by this point) carrying two babies? Of course this can all be solved by Anakin and Padme being separated during her pregancy in episode III, but I seem to recall he falls into the pit of evil or acid or whatever it’s going to be, when she’s already very pregnant (I remember this from a Offical Star Wars screen saver… oh I AM a nerd).

-Why do I waste so much of my day reading gossip columns and then mock them so cruelly in general conversation? Consistency here people. Addendum — Will I ever totally understand what Ted Casablanca is saying when I read “The Awful Truth”? It’s like a code I’ll never crack.

-Pop ups. Do they really think they work?

-I am really sick of people calling my office and hanging up on me because I don’t speak Czech. I do understand “I’m sorry” or “Pardon.” Fear of embarassment does not excuse bad manners.

-Is there some reason why I’m not allowed to have cheekbones? The perils of the oval face.

-Slapping your computer hurts you more than it hurts the computer.

-Why can’t you have the guest room on the main floor? It’s MY dream house dagnabbit.

-Google’s aquisition of Blogger has not improved much, but made everything a lot slower. And does IE 5 for Mac work with anything?

-Is it healthy that I’m saddened by the possibility of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt splitting up?

-And why is it always the nail on my middle finger that breaks first?



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