Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 10, 2003

Chelsea vs. Indian Food: Chelsea – 0, Indian Food – 1

When I was growing up, I didn’t really eat much “international” food. My family stuck pretty closely to its Scottish roots. Which meant meat, potatoes and the occiasional custard. When I hooked up with M, I decided to embrace all the foods I’d never tried before. This has been a generally good idea as I’ve come to love Sushi, Middle Eastern Food and peanut-less Thai food. I have, however learned that I have no love for Chinese food.

My latest foray into international cusine has been Indian food. The last 3 times I’ve eaten it, I’ve had a tastey good time. Granted it has all been from the same place, but good none the less. On Saturday night I broke with tradition and had Indian food at a new place. The Samosas were good and the Mango shakes yummy. The fish curry, a bit hot, but my body showed no objections early on. However about 2 hours later I was consumed by what felt like all my internal organs in one brutal cramp… that lasted about 3 hours. While I may have whined about the pain that was Hector (a food posioning incident that left me hospitalized), this kicked his ass to Sunday and back.

Luckily, by about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon all pain associated with dinner had left my system, leaving me to sleep for several hours. I have to say that Indian food may not be my friend for quite some time.



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