Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 4, 2003

I love to laugh… ha, ha, ha… loud and long and clear

I’ve been trying to laugh more. It seems to be making me feel better. I wasn’t feeling really badly before, but the laughing has been making me feel good and that’s never a bad thing. All those natural happy drugs coarsing through my brain. Horray for dopamine!

Laughing is something that everyone can benefit from. What else can you do when it seems like the world around you is going ass over elbow but laugh. So here are my instructions for everyone today. Check out the blimp story. (You can also find it from M’s blog, as he blogged about it first) Then be a little silly today. My dose of silly came from a chance meeting with my friend Tania who helped me decipher one of my more troubling nightmares with the comment “Think of it like when they cut off your pet beaver’s tail , it was a symbol for someone preventing you from being the productive, busy, capitalist little beaver that you are.” (I have some messed up dreams, like the other night I had a nightmare where the Ringwraiths drowned my cat…) Her analysis has now inspired me to coin a new phrase when dealing with people who are holding you back from your goals “Don’t try to cut off my tail.” It may not be as legendary as “Not my pants” but I think it has potential.

So take something that troubles you can turn it into a bite of personal philosophy. Wear a brown belt with black shoes (so long as it’s clear that you’re not trying to match them — Thank you Lucky Magazine, my new shopping bible, and Wendy my “Lucky source” — have desert, listen to some disco, sing along to every song you hear in the style of Johnny Cash (works really well with older Britney Spears), imagine that everyone else on your morning commute is just a second away from bursting into song, walk through your office as though you’re a ninja, greet all of your friends with your favourite animals noise, whatever. Just give yourself a break and try not to take it all so seriously.



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