Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 28, 2003

I’m afraid of Canadians… I’m afraid of the world

First read this article (I’m sorry it’s from the National Post, but the new Globe Site crashes this computer so I can’t read it online anymore. Which makes me really mad at the Globe, Apple and Microsoft).

A liberal MP does it again. Great idea. Condemn a nation for being hateful and wanting to go to war by drumming up hostility, while being snotty enough to call the US names while bragging about how “peaceful” Canada is. In the same fecking statement! Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? If you don’t want to go to war, fine, that’s your decision to make and I can respect that. As an MP I can only hope that you are representing the view of your constitutents as well as your own, but something tells me that Mississauga doesn’t hate Americans. Do not pretend like you’re the “peacekeepers of the world” whist calling your economic meal ticket and long-time friendly neighbour a bunch of “bastards.” In any other country in the world if a member of the government said that they “hate” an actual nation of people, my god, imagine all the hullabaloo. I know it’s done and I know that people in the western world sneer at those who do it for not being able to get along and being so “backwards”. So much for our cultural sensitivity. Makes me SO proud of my government.

So let’s review everyone. Saying that you hate a nation of people and making mass generalizations is a bad thing. There’s an awful lot of it going on on both sides of this issue and I’m going to have to start doleing out spankings here soon. You can’t take the moral high ground if you’re out there calling nations names. If you dislike the policies of a nation, say so, but so it in an intelligent fashion. What Carolyn Parrish has done is childish and is just amplifiing the problems between the two nations. I used to be so proud of how well Canada and the US got along.

Getting off my soap box, I’m fairly sure that on some occaisions I’m deserving of a generalization spanking myself. I do try to deal with everyone as an individual (which get’s really challenging when you’re dealing with international politics I tell you), but I have been known to make fairly disparaging comments about Communists, hippies, religious fanatics and people who wear dresses with jeans. But I’m trying to be better and keep dealing with everyone one on one. Except for those dresses and jeans people. I mean, make up your mind already.



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