Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 24, 2003

Return of the Mac

Nope, not another computer blog. Just a shot out to the mighty Mel G (from the old Spice Girl days) in Vancouver. Someone that Kari and Wendy should seek out (she’s also a Libra!). Very much super-girl material. I met Melissa at University and while we shared less than 2 years together, we did enjoy many drives to mall (on our way to work — we were both living cliches. She a film student working at a coffee shop and me, also a flim student, working at a record store. You could have made an angsty Gen Y movie about us, heavily sountracked with Radiohead — and delivering GW’s around campus), movie nights, boy talks and one high speed car accident while listening to Tori. Ahh those were the days…

Anyway, I’m happy to be back in touch with her and wanted to let her know that while she waits for my next letter. It’s nice that Gryffen is still all kitteny. Give him some rubs for me.



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