Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 23, 2003

More from the Mode

After spending more than an hour on this site I can now tell everyone what a computer program thinks of me, having asked me questions that sometimes do no apply. I’ve decided to say that if the appraisal of me is flattering, then the program works perfectly, otherwise it’s fatally flawed.

My values…

You appear to have exceptionally high ethical standards when compared with those around you. It also seems that you typically manage to adhere to those ideals and expect that others do the same. Whether it’s admitting what you’ve done wrong, returning things that aren’t rightfully yours, or holding yourself back from snooping into others’ private things, you work to uphold the highest integrity. These standards can lead you to bring out the best in yourself and others. However, they may also mean that the people around you let you down from time to time when they conduct themselves in ways you find dishonest.

Must have fooled the test engine for body image…

Your body is a work of art, and you’re damn proud of it! You exude body confidence. Pat yourself on the back because that’s a rarity in today’s world. You’ve managed to overlook the pressure that society and the media impose on women. That’s a huge feat, and we commend you for that. It is getting more and more difficult for a woman to look in the mirror and think, “I’m hot stuff.” Whether it’s an incredible metabolism or a terrific outlook, your healthy body image allows you to have your cake and eat it too! Congratulations, you’ve successfully avoided falling prey to the body trap! The thought of bathing suit season probably makes you excited for summer, rather than nauseous in anticipation. And chances are that you look in the mirror without pinching and cringing. Keep in mind, however, that it’s normal to be occasionally self-critical. And it’s natural for a woman to want to look her best. As long as you keep a healthy perspective, you’re in great shape!

They got this right…

Chel, your theme song is Groove is in the Heart!

My inner rock-star is…

Sade! Ooooh lady, you’ve got it going on. The rock star part of you is all Sade. Sleek, sexy, and untouchable, you are the ultimate smooth operator.

My Zodiac sign should have been…

Libra. You are one polished and elegant individual! And as a Libra, you require romance in your life. You prize beauty in others, and the stars predict that you are quite a piece of eye-candy yourself. But beware: If an emphasis on physical appearance is taken too far, you’ll be viewed as judgmental and somewhat superficial. A passion for balance and order makes your symbol a set of scales. You crave harmony and are extremely diplomatic. As an air sign, you are a great communicator and are, therefore, quite relationship-savvy. Although you have an easygoing and optimistic personality, you can be narcissistic at times. Libras are all about sophistication and are revered for their unmatched charm.

…which works out well since I am a Libra.

Oh and the leg shaking and figeting are explained at last

You’re a Mover ‘n’ Shaker. You’re full of nervous energy — the more stressed you feel, the more you feel the urge to move. Taking a run or doing some jumping jacks is a great way to burn off physical tension instead of letting it build up. Or you may find that your body kicks into high gear automatically — fidgeting and foot tapping are often signs of internalized, otherwise-unexpressed stress.



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