Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 20, 2003

Further notes

Having looked at yesterday’s post, I realized that it may have come off sounding like I don’t love my home country and that I’m moving to the US because I didn’t like the budget. If I move to the US, it will because I get a job in my desired feild, that’s all. I would really love to live in a place where I actually had the right to work and didn’t have to ask permission to do so. That said, I’d love Canada more if it wasn’t run by Morons and Capitan Slimey. I guess I made the moving to the US comment because when you live in a country where you have no voting rights, it’s easier not to be as emotionally involved in politics. As I said to a friend today “I would think better of it (the budget) if it was done in the best interest of Canada. Which it wasn’t. It was done in the interest of JC’s ego.” Grrrrr.



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