Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 19, 2003

Props to the “Smack”

I know I should have included Lip Smacker in my listing, as I used to be just like Kari with a tube of Red Raspberry in every purse, but I found that I was spending more time eating it off my lips and reapplying than just letting it be. It also has a tendency (on me) to get all chunky and turn white, which is less than attractive. I still have one in my desk drawer at work and one in my weekend purse (Mint Chocolate Chip, sent to me by Mike — how cool it is that my best guy friend sends me lip blam.).

One wonderful lip blam I wanted to list, but didn’t have in my bag yesterday (everything else I was able to write from memory) was l’Occitane tinted blam in the variety “Wild Rose.” Laura gave this to me for Christmas and I’m in love. Smells good, adds a hint of tint (he he) and doesn’t do that freaky chunky white thing.

Ohhh, I watched 4.5 hours of American television yesterday. Somehow breathing feels easier today.



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