Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 16, 2003

So much to say

To begin with, there is no way I’m going to be in a chorus line with Honza. He’s going to make me look fat and I bet looks cuter than I do in pink. That aside, I’m totally up for the Singin’ In The Rain sing and dance a-long, so long as I get to be the girl in the green flapper dress in the “Broadway Melody” sequence. My legs were ment for it. Oh, oh! Can we use the wires to do the “Smack my Bitch Up” scene from Charlie’s Angels? And we’d need horses, Orcs and swords for this party too.

While we’re singing and dancing our way through movie history, I would also have to train M to dance like Rolf from The Sound of Music so we can sing “Sixteen going on Seventeen” and do the Gazebo dance squence (I would be SO cute in that dress). Then I would don some rollerskates and work my way through some of the better parts of Xanadu. Throw on some black and do my best “Cool Rider” from Grease 2 and then someone would have to animate me so I could do Cindarella and Beauty and the Beast.

Of course the movie party wouldn’t be right without a good lightsaber battle…

In light of Wendy’s musical extravaganza movie idea, I feel compelled to tell all of you about my plan for a Once more with feeling sing-a-long party (this means that Wendy has to become familiar with the episode… I leave that in your capable hands Kari). M and I have been working our way through the song book that Mike and I gave eachother for Christmas (how cool is that) on guitar and piano, while I’ve been trying to determine what parts would suit the voices of my dear friends that share my love of OMWF.

In all honestly, I have the whole thing pretty much planned (from costumes to drinks), but have one major hitch. You see, all the people needed to make this dream a reality live all over the world. I’m doing my part to remedy this by moving back to North America, thereby getting all the key players on the same continent. Then I just have to get myself to Toronto, get Kari and Wendy and Jon to Toronto and it’s magic time.

You’ll all know when I’m about to pull this thing off when you recieve your scripts, singing parts and CDs in the mail. It’s not about doing it perfectly, but about having a hell of a lot of fun.



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