Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 13, 2003

Tram adventure

I do this thing where if I have the time I ride the tram to the end of the line, just to see what’s there. Does that make me a transit geek? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s a way to seeing the whole city while making the investment of a metro pass just that bit sweeter. Anyway, I had some time today, so I took a tram adventure.

Today’s adventure took me out to the housing projects of Repy. Ick is all I can say. Tha way there had a couple of highlights… the Motol forest and that part of the track where it felt like the tram driver had gone off-road. That was exciting. It’s s beautiful day in Prague, but a little chilly for walking, so it was just right for taking in the sunny sights from the tram. The way to Repy was rather pleasant (off-roading aside). I was in a good place mentally. The ride had been pleasant as I shared the car with people who were quiet and left we totally alone.

The ride back, however, was enough to make me want to blow out the damn about Prague and wash the whole city away. Loud people who had to shout at eachother when standing mere centimeteres apart, children sitting behind me that pulled my hair reapeatedly, kicked my chair and had an all and out hissy fit when one of their balloons popped because they were squeezing it too hard. I had NO sympathy. Why are kids so ya ya over balloons anyway?

Anyway, my relaxed vibe was ended, reminding me to keep my tram adventures to weekends and to avoid housing projects.



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