Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 13, 2003

Good luck

I wrote this long and ranty post yesterday about language and people who are too lazy or insecure to communicate, with a couple of not-so-vauge cultural slags that Blogger kindly ate before I had a chance to make an ass of myself all over the Internet. Sometimes the glitches work in your favour. As the post vanished, I become clear headed and less angry at the rude man who had cut me off repeatedly on the phone and deemed it un-blog worthy. Also, no doubt, keeping my relationship with Czechs, the French and most of North America nicely in tact.

Not much news to report otherwise. Am moving offices today, hopefully to somewhere quieter (yay!). Oh yes, I did have something to pass on. In Style has released their annual Best Beauty Buys list online. I am happy to report that I own many of the products on the list (obviously not the ones for dark, dry skin or for curly hair), and now have some new and exciting additions to my wish list. I see a trip to Sephora in my future. I was pleased with most of what I saw, but oddly enough there were some products I didn’t agree with them on. There were some things that I found to be better than what they suggested *gasp*. Could this be the beginning of the end for In Style and myself? Say it ain’t so.



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