Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 5, 2003

Still Chelly from the block…

First to dear Wendy. Somehow it’s more impressive and wholly more worthwhile that you were ripping out pages from The Economist as opposed to my fit of distiness last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I read The Economist and I think I get it, but I shamefully admit that my biggest problem is getting myself to care. I am SUCH a bad person.

In other news, two final designs have been chosen for the WTC site. It’s unlikely that either of the designs will be used verbatim, but they will serve as a inspiration of style. I haven’t seen either of them yet, thanks to web traffic, but I have heard about how tall they will be. Thankfully people got over their fear of heights and the two new WTC designs are on course to be the tallst buildings in the world. One coming in I think just over 500 meters and the other at 533 meters. Just to give that a reference point, the tallest buliding in the world (in Singapore?) is 433 meters. Cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing the designs. I like anticipation.

Speaking of anticipation, I was able to listen to another song on the upcomng Massive Attack CD. Of course, it was amazing. Wether or not I listen to the rest of it, is up in the air. While I was considering listening to the whole thing after being graciously given a link to a streaming audio version of the album, M gave me a scolding for peaking early and made some good points about artists rights, copyrights, appreciating the music as intended by the artist and other such things, which ticked me off because I knew he was right, but I wanted to listen to it all SOOOO badly. So I comprimised and listened to one song of nine. The song was so good I hardly felt guilty anymore. That done, I can wait. I can do this. But damn, sometimes it’s hard. I may just keep going back and listening to the single over and over again rather than having to endure god-knows-what-hour on Radio 1 on the off chance that they might play it. Still, I’m comforted by hearing the other song. It’s going to be good. Yay!

Moving on. Today’s item of bewilderment comes from Muchnews where apparently rocks from Napanee are being sold on ebay, simply because Avril Lavinge lived/lives there. Rocks… from NAPANEE? Sure she’s cute and she’s a big deal right now, but really people. By the time you’re getting to Napanee, you’re getting out of the limestone area and out of the Canadian sheild, so all you can hope for is boring Joe rock. Seriously, have these people SEEN Napanee, and seen what a dive it is? Sure, it has one really cute street and some red brick houses, but come on! You just could not imagine the amount of eye-rolling that went on while I was writing all of that.



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