Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 4, 2003

In which Chelsea is reminded that she has wonderful friends and contemplates the future

It’s come to a point where it goes without saying that Kari and Wendy are just amazing friends (but look, I said it anyway!). In my mailbox today I recieved some fabulous treats in an envelope with hearts and dollar signs on it. Ahh my girls.

Not only did I get another copy of the shopping magazine Lucky (which I’m TOTALLY digging), but I also recieved a Lord of The Rings fridge magnet (Yay!), Star Wars band-aids (one of which I’m using on my foot–damn blisters, at least the force will help to heal it), some yoga instructions and the fruits of Kari and Wendy’s colouring session last week. Included was an alien offering me peanuts (yes that’s PEANUTS girls), a page of Buffy quotes and Kari’s goth-y art (sure you weren’t a goth girl in school?), a lovely underwater scene tempting me to move to the Pacific North-west and a plea for me to get myself out of this land-locked country. Man was that ever a colouring party I would have loved to be at. Thanks girls, you totally made my day (maybe my week–too soon to tell). I’m working my way in your direction. The trees and the ocean are calling me. People have stopped wearing all that plaid in the PNW, right?

In other news, it’s a bit after three p.m. here and I’ve finished everything I need to do today. I have 3 hours to wait for my Czech class, what the heck am I going to do? I mean, besides admire my new band-aids.



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