Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 3, 2003

Baby steps

A trans-atlantic move is not a thing to be taken lightly. Sure it’s many months away, but the preliminary steps are starting now. Some people might prepare by sorting through their clothes, deciding what to give to good will or maybe look through their books and choosing keepers vs. sellers (I don’t think I could ever part with a book, however). And I’ll be doing these things, as well as trying to use up the 6 bars of soap I have and finding a home for my curling iron (in fact my 2 identical curling irons–Thank you Kari). My first step in preparing to move? Going through all my In Style magazines and pulling out articles and outfits I want to keep.

Maybe it’s not a priority for most people, but there was no way I was paying to transport almost 3 years worth of In Style across the ocean. There was also no way I was letting all that wonderful information go to waste.So I spent about 4 hours yesterday ripping and filing. I mostly kept beauty articles, smart shopping guides (aka how to buy a suit or luggage), the how to’s and the Ask us section. I only kept the `Steal this look for people in movies that have similar colouring to me and I only cut out 2 pages of clothes that I was interested in re-creating. Fashion comes and goes, but proper lipstick application… that’s timeless.

I though that after my beauty orgy I’d be tapped. I’d be in a place where I could no longer absorb, where I wouldn’t care about my eyeliner for a least a couple of days. But no, it appears that I’m stonger than that. Of course I had some whack dreams last night. Coupled with the playstation binge M and I had with his half-brother on Saturday I was having dreams of stylishly dressed video game characters with really great foundation. Ick.



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