Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 30, 2003

Tough Call

It like a bad script. Just when you think things are progressing naturally towards the next step in your life, someone inevitabily comes along and tries to throw a wrench in the mechanism. Not a big machine stopping wrench, but a small one that can make the gears grind and slow things down.

The meeting went really well yesterday. I was not called a slug, but was made to feel like I’ve been trying to feel for months. I know the feeling won’t last and I know that it’s easy to change your mind when things are great and optimisim is running high. It’s hard. I’ve been trying to make myself care less and less and then I meet with people who have all kinds of ideas and suggestions and support and I just can’t hold back the person inside me that wants to do, do, do.

Just she’ll just have to wait. My heart and mind are set on what I want to do. While I’m having his moment of pause, where I’m looking back over my shoulder and wondering if this is right, inside I know I’ve made the right choice. Though I did say to someone yesterday who offered me another job in an effort to keep me here “You’re making this awfully difficult.”



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