Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 27, 2003

A blessing and a curse

Oh yeah, we’re getting more vapid every day. Today I’m going to talk about hair. Mostly about my hair, and the fact that it’s kind of pissing me off today. Those who do not know me or have not seen me will not know that I generally have good hair. Thick, brown with natural red highlights and straight and usually long. Straight like the side of a razor blade. My hairdresser says that I have Irish hair (not really sure what that means) and that I should just let it do what it wants to do. Meaning “stop trying to curl your hair you silly git.”

And I was good for a long time. Neither curling iron or pillow rollers have touched my hair since the end of October. Then last night I said to myself “Why not try the rollers again? If you put your hair in small enough sections you may be able to get lasting curl.” Lasting curl is the holy grail for girls with straight, heavy hair. It was going pretty well, until I got to the back of my head. There it was a big chunk of hair as thick as what most people have on their entire head, 20 rollers already used and four left over. I sighed and split the secton into four, knowing full well that when I took the rollers out in the morning, there would be four curls that just wouldn’t cut it.

And lo and behold this morning most of tresses in curly J-Lo worthy splendor, and four chunks that said “we were thinking about curling, but looking half-assed and kinky was just more fun.” In spite of all my efforts and my sleeping in unusual contorted posititions I simply had to put my hair up today. Granted it’s a very cute pony tail with curls, but it’s not the Pantene commercial splendor I’d envisioned. To make matters worse, the fact that I’m doing my big no-no of putting up my hair has given me a wonderful headache making my planned fabu hair day a big fat boo-urns.

I guess sometimes you have to do silly things like tie your hair into painful knots to remined yourself that a blow-out and a good brushing in sometimes all you need to be cute. There’s a reason why I’m all over natural beauty.



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