Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 26, 2003

Making an effort to be an more understanding person

I tried. I really tried. I saw The Two Towers for the thrid time last night and I gave myself a mental pep talk before the movie started. I tired to do it in Mike’s voice as he seems to be the most unimpressed with my loathing of Eowyn..”Do you hate her because she fights?” he once said to me. Heck no. Her will to fight and her strengh are very cool. What she does in Return of the King… fantastic. From that point on, I even liked her in the book.

She’s one tough chicka in a horribly difficult situation. Her brother banished, her cousin dead, her uncle under a spell that makes him a spectre of the man he once was and war upon her and her people. All in all she’s in a bad spot. When I looked at it from that perspective I didn’t hate her so much. At least I didn’t hate her for most of the movie. I can’t really blame her character for falling for Aragorn. What woman wouldn’t? A woman in a situation like hers, where everything seems hopless, would undoubtedly swoon if a hero rode up one day and started showing real leadership, whilst kicking some ass along the way.

What made me her growl at her again were all the drawn out, hair flipping, slow motion shots of her looking at Aragorn. The first one, after Gimli falls off his horse, I’ll grant them, but after that it just got silly. Yes, we know that she likes him, but constantly showing her giving him doe eyes undermines what’s really cool about her character. She’s a leader for her people, she’s strong and she’s brave. Show me more of that I’ll be more forgiving of her unrequited love.

Of course by the end of the film, I had a full on hate-on for her again (“What is she doing hugging him and looking at him like that? Shouldn’t she be hugging her brother who’s been in exhile and ALSO saved the day?”), but the overall lothing has downgraded to eye-rolling and the occaisonal head shake. Her character needs someone to give her hope. Aragorn seems to do that. So that’s good. Really I shouldn’t fuss so much as I know how it all ends and who ends up with who but it’s always been something that bugged me, even in the books. And was it just me, or did Aragorn sound just a little cheese-ified when he said “You’ve some experience with a blade.” Like it was the beginning of some middle-earth pick up line.



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